Q-Quest Agility Training

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Class Info
Class Schedules and rosters are on Google Sheets.  Please email for access.

Class Descriptions

Agility Skills and Drills - For teams that can perform most obstacles safely (may still need to refine the weaves and teeter).  Should have off leash control for 5 - 7 obstacles. Will work on building team skills, specific handling skills and learning strategy classes. Examples of specific class focus are Snooker rules, Distance and Discriminations, Contact training, Weave work, Front and Rear Crosses, Wraps and Countermotion, Backsides and Threadles. Focus for the week will depend on what you want to focus on.  Feel free to make a request when signing up.
(Open format - see below)

Agility Course Work or Masters Handling (winter) - Test your skills on courses / exercises designed for the top level of USDAA, AKC and NADAC to determine if your tool box needs updated.  Class is open to teams that can safely perform all obstacles and can work off leash under control. (Open format - see below)

Beginner agility classes - Teaches you and your teammate how to safely perform the required obstacles in the sport of agility.  Teaches foundation handling skills so you can can guide your teammate thru an agility course. (Open format - see below)

Agility Open Format Classes

Please rsvp by e-mail or add your name to QQuest Agility google sheets 24 hours in advance to reserve a spot for the open format class you wish to attend.

You may purchase a 5 session package* for $100.00 or pay as you go at a cost of $25.00 per session.  
Classes are 60 - 75 minutes long depending on class size. *(You have 4 months to use from date of purchase).  

If you are interested in joining us, please complete a registration form.  Thanks. 


Q-Quest dog agility training serving Nampa, Kuna, Caldwell, Boise, Meridian
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