Q-Quest Agility Training

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Should my dog be a certain age to start dog agility training?

Q-Quest will allow dogs to sign up for training as early as 8 - 10 months old.  However, the dog will not be
allowed to jump at their full competition height until closer to 1 year or later depending on the size of the dog.

Older dogs can also learn agility as long as they don't have any health problems such as bad hips.

Can agility be done with any breed of dog?

Yes, all dogs can participate in agility.  However some breeds are better built for the sport.  To participate in classes at Q-Quest,
dogs must be well socialized and cannot be aggressive towards other dogs or people.
Q-Quest has the right to refuse services to anyone.

Is obedience training a prerequisite to attend classes?

Formal obedience can be helpful, but is not required.  A good recall or "come" will be needed initially.  Sits,
downs and stays are essential components of agility and will need to be perfected over time.

What type of people participate in agility?

People that enjoy spending time with their dog and want to improve their relationship with their dog.  All ages of
people participate in the sport, and although being in shape is not required, it helps.

What do I need for class?

Your dog should have a buckle collar (no choke, prong or chain collars); a leash; your dog's favorite toy; tasty -
smaller than bite size treats; and a crate for your dog to relax in and be safe when it's not Spots turn to play.  

Q-Quest dog agility training serving Nampa, Kuna, Caldwell, Boise, Meridian
and surrounding areas in Canyon and Ada Counties.